Containerboard Rolls

ACC executes three audits of roll stock paper, one at the mill, at the corrugator for sheets and at the converter for corrugated boxes. 

We do not buy on the open or spot market roll stock for our corrugators because there can be little quality control transparency. That is why we deal only with reliable mills who do our own testing on every containerboard order shipped to us. It is important to know the paper trail of every roll of containerboard to ensure for smoothness, moisture content (warp), porosity, consistent caliper, etc. 

For every sheet order, a corrugator uses 3 rolls. In one day, it is possible to bring in a dozen or more truckloads of roll stock, each having ten or more rolls. Other corrugators receiving many of the same grades of paper from various sources, including trades and brokers. They are gambling on poor quality liners, medium, and damaged boxes. 

Our tests are also being conducted on boxes for Arizona's cyclic heat and humidity conditions. In trucks, warehouses and outside storage, the box can be subjected to 20% to 50% relative humidity swings. Under these conditions, the box will "creep" - when the paper fibers swell and contract due to the humidity or cooling variations. This repeated swelling and contracting creates stresses within the combined board. Under these conditions, the box simply "wilts" or warps. The result is a failed corrugated box or damaged products. A test to identify paper that is more susceptible to creep should allow box-makers the ability to reduce this type of box failure We have the quality control test for both Kraft (Mullen) and ECT. 
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